Covid-19 Safety Measures:

To insure the health and safety of our congregation, we are implementing this list of safety measures.
1). Though not mandatory, we do ask those who enter the building to wear a mask.
2). To insure social distancing, we ask that our regular members please sit on the right side of the building, and our visitors on the left.
3). When you enter, please pick up a self contained communion cup. We will use this during the Lord’s Supper instead of passing the bread and the fruit of the vine.
4). On the table in the back, there are masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Feel free to use these as the need may arise.
5). To keep our congregation well, if anyone is sick, excessively coughing, or has a fever, they may be asked to leave.
6). Let us try to allow these cares to leave our minds this morning as we learn about and worship our Creator.