Covid-19 FAQ:

Below are some of the most frequently asked question relating to COVID-19.
1). Are masks required to enter the assembly?
-As many of our members have been vaccinated, masks will be considered optional. If you want to wear one, feel free to do so. We only ask that everyone be respectful and kind in this matter.
2). What social distancing measures are being taken?
-Currently, we have either side of the building separated, one side for regular members and the other for visitors.
3). How are the Lord’s Supper and offering being conducted?
-For the Lord’s Supper, we use individual self contained bread and communion cups. As for the offering, we have placed the plate on a table in the back of the building for people to leave their offering.
4). Will you be meeting even if a member or members have COVID-19?
-If any of our members have COVID-19, in the name of caution, we will not be meeting.
5). If the congregation is not meeting, will any portion of the service be available online?
In most cases, yes. However if those involved in creating and posting lessons and sermons online are sick, no. Click here to check out our YoutTube channel and subscribe so you do not miss a single upload.
If you have any additional question regarding the congregation or our handling of COVID-19, please click the contact tab and feel free to message us with any questions or concerns.